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We (Christopher Wynter, Fiona Tulk and Transpersonal LifeStreams) are not associated or affiliated with any organisation, association, affiliation (or affiliate program) or link exchange; nor do we belong to any cult, group or religion.

Except where noted in the "Title Information" at the foot of each page, all of the material was authored by us as the result of our own research and personal enquiry.

The material on this site is thus to be considered our own personal perspective and in no way supports or denigrates any other person or their beliefs.


We do not mind if any other websites (who feel that the material in this site is worthy) provide links to pages in this site.

We will not be part of any Link Exchange program - especially for Commercial purposes.

Except where specifically noted, all links are internal links to other pages in the interwoven webs of anunda and Transpersonal LifeStreams .

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