Wisdom comes from the marriage of Knowledge with Experience

These Things I have Learned

One day, someone who is fond of quoting biblical and spiritual texts at me in response to questions and thoughts I posed, "spat the dummy", and asked whether I had ever done anything for anyone .. or whether I just sat here and typed things up out of books.

What my experience has taught me

As some reading this know, I used to work with a group of people in Tasmania .. and in private practice as a counselor. Now, my discussion forum embraces people from 54 different countries .. and many have to use a translator to participate in the list discussions.

For those who wonder at why I do not quote "love and "light" in response to the troubles and the stories I hear .. I am including my reply to that person.


The experience I bring to this work is from working with the rejects of main stream psychology, spirituality and counseling. The experience also stems from a deep inner searching into the memories contained in the cells of my own body. Some on the discussion forum who were part of my group will recognize some of what I have learned as being stories they have learned also.

Others will recognize that some of these are the stories that are hidden under the code of silence .. and are hidden deep in their own ancestral pool .. there are many more I could add ..

These are real people I write about and perhaps some of these experiences may allow you to recognize that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" ..


The personality I who writes this has learned that - by speaking my truth to a group of puberty aged school children, by speaking honestly of my personal hopes, fears, and dreams .. by sharing my experiences truthfully and honestly with no reference to
should or should nots ..
       the class scholastic average increased by 15%
       absenteeism decreased
       behavioral problems decreased
       the class teachers took less stress leave ..

The personality I who writes this has learned - that a teacher (one of my group) who applied these principles to a group of "retarded" children ages 6 and 7
        found the average spelling age of the class
        increased by 18 months after 3 weeks ..
        and several on Ritalin had no further need for the drug.

The personality I who writes this has learned - that a teenager's terror of cold water could be traced back to a memory of her mother who was immersed by doctors in a bath of ice at the age of 6
        and now she has no fear of cold water
        and can bath her own child ..

The personality I who writes this has learned that - a woman's fear of rape stemmed from the rape of her mother  which resulted in her conception .. a genetic memory ..
        and now she has no fear of men ..
        and her son is off ADD(h) treatment

The personality I has learned that - by recognizing the projections placed on my own childhood, it has been able to watch with awe and wonder the remembering and the wisdom of a child ..
        and allowed that child to remind me what I once knew
        and had been forced to forget.

The personality I has learned that - through a teacher dealing with her own childhood issues, a child diagnosed maniac depressive was allowed to speak her truth ..
        ... that because the child cried, her brother died ...
        and now this child is free of all medication

The personality I has learned that - a woman dying of cancer who faced her rememberings of being forced, as a child into bestiality, tied up by her father, and through being able to express these memories and emotions freely from her body
        has been in full remission for the last 24 months ...

The personality I has learned that - a child who was bound in the gouged out womb of her murdered mother by her deranged father ..
        can understand, forgive ..
        and work as a successful grief and trauma counselor


These things and more has the personality I learned that the right brained I already knew. Neither "I" have any joy of their own at these discoveries, but experience the joy of all of those who have allowed the freedom of their own remembering and then allowed that for others - action through inaction - a remembering of the most ancient of truths.

Because, if the personality I had not remembered and made real these rememberings possible, how much of this would have been possible?

The personality I has learned how a woman carried the nightmares of her grandfather who was forced for his own survival to be part of a Nazi squad which committed atrocities on small children .. was afraid of men .. and children ..and of having a child ....
        and now that woman is the mother of a male innocent



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Updated January, 2005

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