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Personal Integrity is your Birthright

What might the possible human achieve ..
and what is it which stops this achievement?

From the Latin - "integer" = whole
An unreduced or unbroken completeness,
   wholeness, totality, incorruptibility
an unimpaired condition
the quality or state of being compete and undivided.

Our Mission Statement

People, for the most part, need someone or something to believe in because they can't believe in themselves. This site is about each individual recovering their birthright - personal integrity .. and individuality

The Primary Focus and purpose of this site is to provide information and choices for the improvement of the total quality of life through the provision of whole of life skills for personal and spiritual development, integrity, wholeness and self reliance.

Integrity is what one finds when one has been to the very edge of the abyss of awareness, jumped off and found themselves back home again. Integrity is found in a state of being who you are and, allowing others the same right. To me, it means not needing to have this web site up at all .. 

but allowing that maybe some of the material here can provide some alternative food for thought and understanding for those who have had an "enlightenment" experience which either they or someone else has diagnosed as a psychosis ..

so that they may have choices which Fiona and I did not have when we went through our own personal experiences ..

so that they might have the choice of some understanding in words which do not require them to study spirituality and psychology .. yet they may be able to embrace both and find the choice or possibility for personal integrity in self acceptance as an alternative to getting caught up in the often conflicting perspectives of those who may have studied some of the books but have not had their own experience ...

Everyone, by birthright has an equal right to their own integrity.

Part of the focus of this web site is to bridge the gaps in the languages of the individual modalities, therapies and spiritualities such that the common message can be seen and made real and applicable to all. In this manner, much of what was once the 'Mystery of Life' can be revealed.

It is hoped that complementary rather than alternative points of view which you may find in these pages can help in some way to broaden your perspective of other advice, guidance, study and/or treatment that you may be undertaking or choose to undertake.

The constant question, both for myself and those who chose to join me in the groups here in Hobart has been .. "What might the possible human achieve .. and what is it which stops this achievement?"

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The Purpose of my work can be summarized ..

  • To recognize the hologram of the Beingness of Human and explore the memories and patterns encoded within that hologram
  • To awaken the readers to the healer teacher counselor therapist within and the potential that lies within every human being as your birthright
  • To realize (make real) the integrity of personal enlightenment by bringing to consciousness, the beliefs and myths that are locked within the unconscious memories of each person
  • To find and identify the source of the repetitive patterns which are re-enacted in daily life, and if possible identify the sources of these patterns
  • To recognize the interconnectedness of all spiritual, religious and mythical pathways
  • To establish an interrelatedness between all forms of healing
  • To collate, share and disseminate information from a number of sources as to the nature and cause of disease with particular reference to the hologram that is the human body.
  • To research the psycho-spiritual nature of dis-ease
  • To rationalize a holistic approach to the management of dis-ease
  • To integrate and interrelate all methods and modalities of healing so that the full Transpersonal healing spectrum is covered

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The material

on this site may cause reactions for some readers who may be used to following a specific Religious, Transpersonal or Spiritual Philosophy, or using/learning/teaching any specific healing modality or healing practice.

What is presented here does not go against the essence of what you already know .. underneath what you have been taught to believe is "the way it is".

I found that when I had a reaction, I was holding onto some self-limiting belief out of some fear that I would "get into trouble" if I did not "follow the in-crowd".

These were, for me, I was to find out, symptoms of my own abdication of my own integrity or wholeness. Holding onto truths as absolute, giving the power of my incorruptibility to some master, teacher, religion or spiritual guru was a denial of my wholeness.

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The Bigger Picture

In all of the work that I have ever done, I have found that there was, underneath what I thought I knew at the time, a bigger picture than I was holding on to as the "answer".

The harder I held on to a specific "idea" or philosophy, the more I was in denial of my Self and my own integrity. The greater the denial, the stronger the reactions to what I was being shown .. and the more pain I put myself through.

I also found out that any idea or definition I might have as to the true nature of my self was also a limitation and a denial of my own integrity.

And so, the LifeStreams web site, the very simple self-help exercises and the discussion forum are free for those who choose to take and use them .. 

At any one time, there can be people from 50 or more different countries on the list, speaking many different languages and from many different spiritual and cultural backgrounds .. all asking the same sorts of questions and sharing common symptoms ..

as the home page says .. A Plain Man's Common Sense Plain English.

"Personal Integrity is your Birthright" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is and it was updated May, 2005


Theinformationin these pages isfreelyoffered for personal use only. However, it is not specifically based on individual conditions or needs. Before you act on any advice, you should consider whether it is suitable for you.

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