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... although a man may be book-learned,
if he does not apply in his behavior what he knows
he is as the blind man who,
even with a lamp in his hand,
cannot see the road

about you  … ( 8 articles ) …
about your human potential Have you ever noticed that almost every society, group, religion, spirituality, guru, master and "would be if they could be" on the web prominently displays an "About Us" page on their site, when the focus should really be on you?
getting started … ( 7 articles )…
an introduction to this site, what you might find here, some of the philosophy behind it and how you can get the most out of it. The question is .. how deeply into "things" do you really want to go?
about this site … ( 5 articles )…
All to often, people get lost in the jargon and language of the "experts" - we did. There were times when even the "experts" couldn't agree. In this site we are using our own "everyday" Australian English words to describe our experiences and what we have learned
some background and history behind this site …
As much we are attached to any opinion or Point of View, so we limit both ourselves and the possibilities for every person with whom we interact. This site is based on the personal experiences, research and understanding of Christopher Wynter and Fiona Tulk
Teachers, Teachings, Masters and Guru's
This site is not about teaching anything, making up new rules or redefining old ones. However, it may challenge and question a lot of things you have ever been taught, learned, believe or read from others. It may leave you with an understanding of what (on some level) you already know - and how and why you know it
enlightenmentEvery Religion, Spiritual Pathway and Therapy Modality is personal. Yet, from deep within each individual, there are common threads and truths - each with their own words, language and symbols. Nothing on this site is intended or directed to be biased either towards or against any individual, group, society, association, spirituality or religion
the "fine print" and other site policies ( 5 pages )…
associations, affiliations, linking, disclaimer, copyright, privacy etc …

this site was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is and it was updated April, 2005


Theinformationin these pages isfreelyoffered for personal use only. However, it is not specifically based on individual conditions or needs. Before you act on any advice, you should consider whether it is suitable for you.

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