What is the potential of the Possible Human?  

This site is about You the human potential of the possible human
and your Human Potential

In what most believe as our reality, you and I would not exist without you. Yet, in the ultimate Consciousness of the Human Potential - neither you nor I separately exists - except in what we think is our own minds.

Human Potential is unknowable

What you know is limited by what you have been taught, and what you may believe. Maybe, you cannot yet see the depth of the possibilities .. but that is what this site is all about.

Your Human Potential is unlimited

This is not as an idea or thought of your mind, but as the expression of something that is consciously, to most, unknown ... but yet remains unconsciously at the your being, niggling away at you trying to keep you alive through your mind's struggle to stay alive. This is the Seeker that is Seeking you.

In reality, this web site is all about you and, who and what separates you from the potential of what you might become. Your ability to live that potential to its fullest is not something to learn, but a life skill that can be developed.

The Ocean of Consciousness is like a big pool that everyone is swimming in, even though they may be standing on the shore, tentatively dipping their toe to test the temperature of the water, all of the time on the watch for a tidal wave or someone that is going to push them all the way in.

There are, in reality, no separate paths to the Ocean, for the Ocean itself is all embracing. Different people have different experiences and beliefs. Different people see different scenery. Yet, all are valid because the Ocean is, itself, made up from all experiences, all belief, all scenery and all sensory perceptions.

This statement, in itself, can be (for many) beyond the mind's comprehension .. yet it is the essence of every spiritual myth and behind every religious doctrine.

Like the snake that follows its tail, every path eventually leads back to the Ocean. Like the meaning of the word Tantra, for anything to exist in our perception there has to be two sides to every coin ... every cloth has both a weft and a weave. The masculine and feminine are the two opposite polarities which exists within all separation from all potential.

Have you ever noticed a child learning to swim ... when they cease to struggle and overcome the parent's worst projections for their child's safety, they float quite effortlessly ... which is quite logical since the human body is 90% water.

But then, who was it said that most humans only use 10% of their potential?

"Human Potential and You as the Possible Human" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is https://anunda.com/about/human-potential.htm and it was updated May, 2005


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