Genius - your creative fountain of inner wisdom  

Genius is the wisdom of your inner lightGenius:

 Genius is the Creative Freedom part of Self that lies deep inside of us - wiser, larger and much more powerful than our personality self that the mind thinks of as "I".

your creative fountain of inner wisdom

The same innate genius faculties as the greatest names in history lie, often unrecognized and unaccepted, within the subconscious and unconscious of every man, woman and child.

You are smarter than you think!

Our problem is that, from the gifted child we were in infancy, the world teaches us (in the interest of "our own security"), to use our heads far too much - to think before we speak or act. So, we do our very best to shut our Self down.

This may have been ok in certain past situations (for the infant growing up); but in the process, we shifted from the habit of spontaneous imaginary expression to intense self-censorship in "service" to our security conscious ego-minds.

We have become so concerned with the image we project that we have lost touch with the genius and wisdom of our inner "guru."

When we feel stuck, confused, and frustrated and the intellect can't seem to find its way out of the cage, that's the same mind that created the prison in the first place.

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Making Things Up

One of the simplest ways out if this seeming impasse during times such as these is to allow the imagination to run wild and to simply "Just Make Stuff Up."

Now our culture typically doesn't give a lot of credence to stuff that some genius has just made up - particularly if it's "yours" and you're seen as a nobody (a non-expert with questionable credentials).

But I think you'll find that in most cases, the experts became experts by studying other experts; and if you follow the line of experts to the very heart of their lineage, you'll most likely find that the originator of their expertise actually "just made stuff up" that hadn't been seen before and that happened to work, at least, in that moment. That was the original genius.

Consider this -
every Philosophy, every Psychology, every explanation of every Religion and Spirituality .. in fact every master and guru on whom you depend for your survival was something that some genius "Just Made up".

and all of the text books (and the experts) that you study looking for answers are merely personal interpretations of others looking for answers in the stuff that somebody - a long time ago - "Just Made Up"

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Creative Freedom of Expression

Try it for yourself. The next time you become stuck in a problem-solving or creative venture - or are in some depressive state where you are looking for some esoteric meaning to life, call on the creative wisdom of your own inner genius and try "just making stuff up," and see what comes forward.

There's something about this approach that frees us of our need to be right and invites our inner creative children out to play.

• Trust your hunches -
learn to use your "gut" feelings as a barometer - rather than recreating some past pattern that you learned under long forgotten circumstances.
• Trust the process -
learn to detach from outcome and let go of your need to control (which you learned from some-one else's need to control you).
• Be authentic in your identity -
learn how to allow your character to develop and find expression and forget about your reputation
• Meet people where they are -
In all of your interpersonal relationships learn to be in a place of compassion and personal integrity instead of fearing whether you will meet with approval or censorship.
• Be present and grounded -
learn to be fully in the moment and mindful of all that is going on without thinking about it.

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What is it in you that motivates you to "grow and evolve"?

Find and locate these desires. Look back at your life and recall when you first started to get these desires for growth. How old were you? Notice times they came into your life. For some, they enter our lives - and then seem to fade only to reappear in greater force some years later. These patterns are clues to our beginning to understand and realize the outward expression of the "Possible Hu-man" within.

That "Possible Human" is what you might become if you allow yourself to become real with the creative expression that is the hallmark of genius .. and comes from our inner wisdom.

In the beginning, our Inner Self communicates with us through our deep desires, or urges. These are not the same desires as our surface ego desires. These are long term, deep desires. By focusing on and following these desires back to their source we are able to connect more powerfully with that part of Self that is our innate Wisdom.

Recall your desires for what some might call "personal transformation and growth". Bring them fully into your awareness. As you go about every moment in daily life recall them and bring their sensation into your inner and outer worlds. How do these "gut instincts" relate to where you are now, to what you are doing - and most importantly, to the mental process that is going on in your head?

There is only one who ever was and ever will be an expert on you -

and that is your Inner Self, whose only means of expression is to bring into your life all of the situations which keep you separate from the Genius of your Inner Wisdom -

in the hope that maybe one day, the self-censoring linear thinking mind might get just so confused that it gives up.

"Genius - your creative fountain of inner wisdom" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is and it was updated May, 2005


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