People cannot be expected to gain insight into concepts beyond their experience, because often there is nothing in their learning to which the mind can relate.

How deeply into your self do you want to go?

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Concepts, Learning and Experience

Some of the concepts that Fiona and I present in this web site may be beyond some of the past experiences of people reading this material. This we understand .. because, for me, when I started on my own personal path, there were many things that I could not "see" (or accept the possibility of) either. 

But, with practice, and with the support of a couple of people I was able to broaden my perspective far beyond what I had previously thought possible and way beyond what I had previously consciously known.

The same applies to Fiona .. and in many cases to people who have become part of the long term groups that I have run here in Hobart.

Sharing Personal Insights

One of the purposes of this site (and our discussion forum) is for those who have been, like Fiona and me, to share some of our experiences and insights.

We are not about to tell you what to do, or this is the way it is .. but we are offering our perspective based on our experiences .. and, having ourselves come up with many of the same arguments and disagreements that other people come up with, we have gone digging into finding out the reasons for the conflicts we have found within ourselves.

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Words and Meanings

One of the difficulties that we face is, having found many of the obstacles are based on the preconceived meanings of words and language, is "how do we go about explaining" .. This is one of the reasons we are so against using the words and language of all Spiritual Traditions and, have tried to find a common sense plain English that does not require some special training or study to understand.

To give an example .. let us take the position of a white man who had full sight and understood only English. How would he go about explaining a glass of milk to a man who spoke only Russian and was both deaf and blind.

Such is the parallel that I could draw with our position as facilitators on our discussion forum and as authors of this site.

Many may face the same suspicions, doubts and judgments as we did, concerning what we say and the reasons why we say things for the simple reason that the left brain just does not necessarily have the learned concepts with which it can relate the possibilities.

Yet, there are those, too, for whom what we write will strike a chord of recognition.

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I have learned ..

that all is not as it seems, nor as we are taught it is. The textbooks do not tell the full story either because, in most cases, they were written through the language of gaining acceptance of an audience .. or through the language of preconceptions based on learned beliefs.

There are very few who have written a textbook on the possible human .. what we have called "the Onecell-f" and what others may call the Transpersonal Self .. from their own experience without using the language of the "Spiritual", the "Mystical" or the Scientific .. with all of the preconceptions and belief filters that the use of this sort of language creates.

Yet, through the language of myth, the story of has been told many times. For example, if one were to look on the "Good Fairy" of the Tale of Pinocchio as nothing more than an expression for "Kundalini", this popular children's story can take on a whole new meaning. A number of examples of Spiritual Language losing the essence of the metaphor can be found here.

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The Textbook

The textbook I used was my own body. The validations for my experiences came from diverse sources which became more accessible as I opened my self to more possibilities. There are no questions which cannot be answered from the "Pool of Greater Consciousness" which some call the Collective Unconscious or the SupraConscious.

Sometimes, the answer causes reactions and disbelief as some self limiting belief is brought to the surface. These I have learned are my limitations. The more personal belief limitations I understand and delimit, the greater the possibilities.

These pages (and our forum) is also about people sharing their own stories .. because I have found that there are a lot of people who share exactly the same doubts, disbeliefs and fears as Fiona and I did .. in some cases we still do, but they are on a much more subtle level.

Sometimes, too, the things that people write trigger from within both of us a torrent of words which enable to express that which we have never thought about expressing before .. and very often, many have the same knowing and understanding as we do, and struggle similarly to find the words ..

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Once we move beyond our preconceptions of what is not possible, anything can become possible. There are some parents on our list who can tell stories of how their children have told them to go and read the days postings because there is something for them .. even to the point of providing keywords as to the exact post the parent should be looking for. All of this whilst I am writing the post .. before it even appears on the list.

And you who think yourself isolated, alone and a victim .. as I did once, wonder how .. or say (as I often have in the past) .. bullshit!! 

This is the individual sense of limitation.

I do not want you to believe anything that Fiona or I write either here, or to the list. I sometimes have enough difficulty walking in my own shoes as I try to assimilate this consciousness into my own body without wanting a whole lot more people to walk in my shoes with me .. or hitch a ride on my shoulders. Its taken me long enough to get rid of all of the passengers I've taken on since my childhood ..

If you have a reaction to something that Fiona and I write, it is because there is some aspect of you who has a limitation in their belief structure.

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Spirituality and the Transpersonal One-cell-f

I cannot put into words the full experience I have had of the potential of the Onecell-f. I cannot claim that I do know what the potential of the possible human is .. but Fiona and I have seen enough to know that it is way beyond what the textbooks have so far written. Onecell-f is the making real within every cell of the physical body of the consciousness of all that is .. without reaction and without conflict.

How long ago was it that the concept of man walking on the moon was in the realms of Science fiction ..?

And, when I stand next to a little old lady in the supermarket and she puts the tin back on the shelf, I know exactly the reason she has done so, because both her conscious and unconscious thought process is as visible to me as her action of returning the tin.

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The choice that these pages offer you is to see that there may be other possibilities beyond what you have been taught in the past .. and beyond which you may be able to see at the present.

Your choice is the known and familiar .. or the (maybe at present) unseeable possibility and excitement of the journey of discovery into the potential of you .. beyond what you have been previously defined as .. and taught to believe..

· As Einstein said once (and if he was a child now, 
  he would be diagnosed as ADD(h)d) ..
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and 
 expecting different results."

· Old Bill (writing as Hamlet) said 400 years ago ..
"There is more in Heaven and Earth, Horatio 
  than is contained in all of the Philosophies ..."

· and Patenjali ( a 14th Century Yogi )wrote ..
"When you purify the self, you become one with all things, able to experience and understand their experience from their perspective"

· and all of these are summarized in a very small Chinese text   attributed to Lao Tzu .. the Tao Teh Ching.

· Oscar Wilde in "De Profundus" wrote ..
"Still, since I am conscious now that behind all this beauty, satisfying though it may be, there is some spirit hidden of which the painted shapes and forms are but modes of manifestation; and it is with this spirit that I seek to become in harmony. I have become tired of the articulate utterances of men and things. The Mystical in Art, the Mystical in Life, the Mystical in Nature -- this is what I am looking for. It is absolutely necessary for me to find it somewhere".

This Spirit, this whispering "Breath" (sometimes called YAHWEH in the Christian Bible) is the essence of the Onecell-f. Do you choose to make it real in every cell of your body .. beyond intellectual knowledge .. because, until you find it there, beyond everything you have been taught, you will never find it anywhere.  

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