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This website is based on the personal experiences of
· Christopher Wynter
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Self Healing: Some background

Questions asked, personal difficulties faced, experiences some have had, turmoil that others have been through ... I too, have at some stage, asked the same questions, faced the same difficulties

Who - or What - is anunda

Underneath all conditioning, all learned behavior, all beliefs that were imposed upon you (which you struggle with to try to understand but which are not the truth of you) you were born innocent

A plain man asks why ..?

Questions often asked along "The Path" as people follow their quest for a meaning for their lives

Life, Love and Learning

Once I gave up the quest for knowledge - to learn from teachers and books seeking words as a panacea for my inner dis-ease and turned my focus to developing an understanding of myself, the circumstances of my life completely changed


To a mother from her son on Mother's Day


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