What is the potential of the Possible Human and what is it that separates you from what you may find within your own self"

Getting Started: an introduction to this site.

Advice and the Pointing Finger

This site explores multiple spiritual perspectives of life's meaning, personal development, self-healing and self-understanding. The focus of this site is on personal stories and experience rather than on strict philosophical inquiry or giving advice

Your Relationship with Life and this site

A Personal Meaning of Life is found in relationships with people, places and things. We hope to create a relationship with you and this environment of ideas and experiences, fueled by your desire to know yourself

Life's Journey - A Roadmap

Your Life Path may seem a series of unrelated experiences. But, when looked at on a deeper level, these experiences can be seen to form a pattern and life is seen to have become a journey

Self Mastery - Essence of the Traveler

For the Possible Human, Life has meaning and spiritual practice is a communion with life in the moment of living

How deeply into yourself do you want to go?

People cannot be expected to see that which lies in the Collective Unconscious, beyond their experience, because there is nothing in their experience to which they can relate

Genesis - Origins and Creation

Underneath the myths, legends, doctrines of religion, education and learned behavior - are memories of Hu-man creation. Unconsciously, we remember and search for them in our spirituality, relationships and in our children

Life, Love and Learning

Once I gave up the quest for knowledge - to learn from teachers and books seeking words as a panacea for my inner dis-ease and turned my focus to developing an understanding of myself, the circumstances of my life completely changed


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