All to often, people get lost in the jargon and language of the "experts" - we did. There were times when even the "experts" couldn't agree. In this site we are using our own "everyday" Australian English words to describe our experiences and what we have learned

About this site

Words and Language - Plain speak

Many educators, researchers, professionals, therapists, religions and spiritual pathways think that theirs is the only correct formula and will not accept the possibility that what they are saying can be written in a language different to their own

Introduction - Theme of this site

We reinvent ourselves so that we can cope with our own survival without realizing what we are doing or taking into account the layers of masks and beliefs which defined our previous roles

Foreword - Truth as it is written

The real truth is hidden under what we hold onto as "our" perception of truth - which in reality, is not our truth, but the parroted words of somebody else which we have learned to quote in order to survive

Our Mission Statement: Integrity is your Birthright

For the most part, we need someone or something to believe in because we can't believe in ourselves. Self esteem comes from integrity

These things I have learned

Wisdom comes from the marriage of Knowledge with Experience


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